Hansel & Gretel meet the Blind Witch

The Blind Witch is the main antagonist of the fairy tale "Hansel & Gretel" who lives in a house constructed of cake and confectionery.


The Blind Witch is a hideous old hag who lives in house constructed of cake and confectionery with window panes of clear sugar, set in the middle of the forest. Using her house as a lure for lost and hungry little children, the Blind Witch convinces them to enter her house with the promise of more delicious food and warm beds, but instead entraps the children, fattens them up with her cakes and candies, and cooks them in her oven to eat them.

One day, the Blind Witch is visited by two young siblings named Hansel & Gretel. After luring them inside her ginderbread house, the Blind Witch locks Hansel up in a cage and chains Gretel up, force-feeding Hansel to fatten him up and forcing Gretel to be her slave and clean for her. The Blind Witch measures Hansel's finger to see how fat he is becoming, but the boy tricks her by offering the same bone over and over so it looks like he is never gaining weight.

Unable to wait any longer, the Blind Witch prepares the oven to cook Hansel, and tries to trick Gretel into leaning into the oven to check if its hot enough. Gretel pretends not to know how, so the Blind Witch shows her. Using his bone to pick the lock of his cage, Hansel escapes and both siblings push the Blind Witch into the oven and lock the door so she burns alive.

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