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    November 18, 2017 by Pierzina

    Part 1 of a brand new blog series!

    Total Drama is diverse in characters (not really anything else but... another time), and every viewer has the choice to root for and like who they want! But as teenagers, they aren't perfect. Here's a compilation of the multiple problematic things a certain character has said. First up... Heather from Total Drama Island, a very popular contestant. Known as the first antagonist of the series, she's not shy of problematic behavior:

    • Tells Duncan to "drop dead, you skeeze".
      • While this was in reply to Duncan's verbal misconduct, this was not an appropriate response, as she is encouraging him to kill himself!
    • Refers to Gwen as "weird goth girl".

    • Calls Leshawna the following:
      • "Ghetto glamour"
        • A racialized term against b…

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