Part 1 of a brand new blog series!

Total Drama is diverse in characters (not really anything else but... another time), and every viewer has the choice to root for and like who they want! But as teenagers, they aren't perfect. Here's a compilation of the multiple problematic things a certain character has said. First up... Heather from Total Drama Island, a very popular contestant. Known as the first antagonist of the series, she's not shy of problematic behavior:

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

  • Tells Duncan to "drop dead, you skeeze".
    • While this was in reply to Duncan's verbal misconduct, this was not an appropriate response, as she is encouraging him to kill himself!
  • Refers to Gwen as "weird goth girl".

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

File:Lindsay and Heather fall in love.png
  • Calls Leshawna the following:
    • "Ghetto glamour"
      • A racialized term against black people.
    • "Too tight pants wearing"
      • Shaming Leshawna for her style of dress.
    • "Rap star wannabe"
      • Another term to stereotype Leshawna as black.
  • Promises to kill Leshawna.
  • Shames Beth for not jumping off the cliff along with Lindsay.
  • Lies to Leshawna about how her earrings are good when she actually thinks they are the ugliest things she's ever seen.

The Big Sleep

  • Fat shames Owen and Leshawna during the jog, despite not even running herself.
  • Walks over Owen in anger, possibly injuring him.
  • Once again refers to Gwen as "weird goth girl".
  • Refers to Beth and Lindsay as "desperate" and "dumb".
    • Threatens them both into an alliance.
  • Doesn't support interteam dating.
  • Commits theft by stealing Eva's MP3 player.


  • Laughs at the Killer Bass being in pain.
  • Along with the others, she proceeds to laugh at Harold's bullying.
  • Taunts the Killer Bass in the mess hall.
  • Once again taunts the Killer Bass at the challenge.
  • Breaks the rule by intentionally hitting Tyler with a dodgeball despite him not competing.
  • Bullies the Killer Bass again while competing during the challenge.
  • Interrupts Lindsay ad Tyler's date and throws a canoe onto Tyler.
  • Laughs when Noah gets hurt.

Not Quite Famous

File:Snapshot 2009-02-12 21-40-14.png
  • Holds a unfair election to rig for herself.
  • Shames Owen for being disgusting.
  • Steals Gwen's personal diary.
    • Proceeds to shame her for being paranoid.
  • Bullies Bridgette for accidentally breaking Courtney's violin.
  • Fatshames Bridgette for eating chips.
  • Takes pride in bullying.
  • Reads Gwen's diary on national television.
  • Mocks the others for trying to vote her off.

The Sucky Outdoors

  • Isn't thankful for Owen getting fish.
  • Bullies Owen for "attracting" the bear.
  • Doesn't care that Izzy could possibly be dead.
  • Makes fun of Cody peeing his pants.
  • Calls Izzy "crazy girl".
  • Pushes Owen to the ground, hurting him.

[[Phobia Factor

  • Hates Sumo Wrestlers.